Uniting the Trojan Battalion: Past, Present, & Future!
From the Alumni League President

Welcome USC NROTC alumni, staff, parents and other supporters of the League. The Alumni League is a community of proud Trojans dedicated to supporting the next generation of Navy and Marine officers as they earn their commission and degree at USC. I invite you to connect with your fellow alumni and participate in the League’s mission of supporting our nation’s future officers of the Naval Service.  The League offers each of us an outstanding way to give back and stay connected to our Trojan roots and the best of our military traditions. I look forward to meeting you at a future League or Battalion event. Consider visiting Campus to attend a spring or fall commissioning ceremony or one of our bi-annual Board of Directors meetings. It’s a great way to stay in touch. Please contact me with your ideas and comments.

The League supports midshipmen through several programs:

  • Our Scholarship Endowment has grown to over $285,000 from which we’ve been able to award, on a competitive basis, five $2,000 scholarships each semester to offset university related expenses incurred by midshipmen.
  • The League supports midshipmen participating in USC’s Nautical Science curriculum and sailing team by providing financial support for expenses related to those programs.
  • Our partnership with Navy Yacht Club Long Beach provides opportunities for recreational sailing and learning under the guidance of experienced local yachting skippers.
  • The League’s glider program each year provides a two-day introductory flight course for four midshipmen interested in Naval Aviation along with limited matching funds for advanced glider training leading to solo flight and the FAA private pilot glider rating.
  • We’re supporting a Battalion small arms training initiative by providing funds for ammunition and instruction at local shooting ranges.

These programs are made possible by your participation and financial support. There are opportunities for you to participate in the these and other League programs. Please consider joining the effort!  Welcome to the League, our updated website, and thanks for your continued support.

Fight On!

James Hull ‘82, Col USMCR (Ret)
President, USC NROTC Alumni League

About Us

The USC Naval ROTC Alumni League is dedicated to fostering lifelong relationships among USC NROTC graduates, supporting our current midshipmen, and promoting the values of the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and the University of Southern California. 

Fight On!